About Us

Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants, LLC was founded by Dr. Emily Todd to help families navigate the medical side of the adoption process. At Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants, we provide medical consultation for children being adopted domestically and from countries worldwide. Because Dr. Todd is both a pediatrician and a medical geneticist, we are able to impart a unique perspective to the consultation.

How we are different? It says it right there in our name: “Comprehensive”

Our goal is to provide you all of the medical information you might need or want prior to bringing your child home. This includes:

  • Pre-adoption consultation addressing many general questions about children with special needs
  • Review and assessment of all of the medical files, photos and videos provided
  • Recommendations for pediatricians with experience in caring for adopted children
  • Contact information for subspecialists and multi-disciplinary clinics as needed
  • Vaccine recommendations for parents traveling abroad as well as for children moving to the US
  • Other tips and resources for families adopting a child

At Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants we understand that adoption is an amazing journey filled with challenges and joys. We strive to provide insight into the medical and developmental needs of the adoptive child.


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