Domestic Adoption

Right by your side.

If you would like to take advantage of our comprehensive services, we would be happy to help you.  Dr. Todd will be available for complete consultation including general medical questions, records review and discussion.  We work hard to construct a document that gives an expert opinion of all of the medical files, photos, videos or prenatal ultrasounds you provide. This document can be kept in your child’s files and can be shared with your child’s primary care provider.  


Kinship and Foster Care adoptions:

At Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants, we are eager to help with kinship and foster care adoptions as well. If not adopted in the newborn period, these children may have mountains of medical files to sort through. Don’t do it alone! Let Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants do the work for you and provide a succinct document summarizing your child’s health and developmental history. We can also provide contact information for specialists in your area that my be of benefit in the ongoing care of your child.


  • pre-adoption consultation
  • discussion of in utero drug exposures
  • discussion of prenatal findings
  • newborn medical file review
  • foster care medical file review
  • identification of resources 
  • medical education 
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