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**  The Essentials of Adoption Medicine The National Council for Adoption hosted “The Essentials of Adoption Medicine” with NCFA’s two-time National Adoption Conference presenter and founder of the Comprehensive Adoption Medicine Consultants, Dr. Emily Todd. We explored several adoption-related medical concerns including medical problems facing adopted children, what to expect when the child is brought home, and how to deal with long term medical issues of an adopted children. We explored some new techniques, research, and strategies when combining adoption and medicine. This 90-minute webinar session included time for audience Q&A.

** Adopting a Child with Cleft Lip/Palate  The Children's Home Society of Minnesota and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota hosted "Adopting a Child with Cleft Lip/Palate" with professional perspective given by Emily Todd, M.D. and parent perspective given by Chuck K., Adoptive Parent



** Return Appointment Adherence Among At Risk Children. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 2016, 35(5) 58; doi: 10.1542/gr.35-5-58

** Adoption Medicine: Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Adopted Children. Emily Todd. Adoption Advocate No. 92; 2016.

** Growth and Cognitive Development in International Adoptees. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 

** STI Prevalence Among Adolescents Entering Child Protective Custody. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 

** Increased Health Care Utilization Among International Adoptees. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. 

** No Pot in PregnancyEmily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 

** Parental Methamphetamine Use and Foster Care Outcomes. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 2015; 34(2):20. 

** Informal Kinship Care- Falling Short of the Needs of the Child? Commentary by: Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 2015; 33(4): 44.

** Top Ten Medical Questions to Ask Your Birth Mother.  Parent Match Domestic Adoption News, August 13, 2014.

** Acute Hepatitis A Infection in International Adoptees. Commentary by: Emily S. Todd.  AAP Grand Rounds 2014; 32(1): 6

** Risk Factors for Mental Disorders Among Children in Foster Care. Commentary by: Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 2014; 32(3):31.

** Support for Early Cleft Palate Closure in International Adoptees. Commentary by Emily S. Todd. AAP Grand Rounds 2014; 32(5):49.


** 2016 Colorado Genetic Counselor Symposium presenter. Effects of Prenatal Marijuana Exposure

** Realities in Adoption Conference presenter. Introduction to Adoption Medicine. Hosted by the Interagency Adoption and Foster Care council.

** 2015 Putting Family First Adoption Conference presenter. Interrupting Bonding and It’s Just Pot.  Hosted by National Council for Adoption and Joint Council.

** 2014 National Adoption Conference presenter. The Impact of Genetics and the Environment on the Development of Mental Disorders.  Hosted by National Council for Adoption.

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